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John Kerry Watch

by Donald A. Tevault

''I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.''
--Senator John Kerry

The presidential campaign is heating up, and it looks like John Kerry will be the Democrat's pick-of-the-litter for this fall. Of course, everyone thought that John Dean would be an interesting--and entertaining--candidate. But, John Kerry is proving to be equally as entertaining. He's a Vietnam-era anti-war protester who constantly reminds us of his service in Vietnam, a U.S. Senator who constantly voted to weaken our military and intelligence-gathering capabilities and now complains that President Bush hasn't been effective with the war on terror, and a big government liberal who won't admit he's liberal. He also has a unique way of tailoring his campaign message for different audiences, by telling one audience the opposite of what he just told the last one. And, let us not forget his tendency to use "colorful metaphors" when giving interviews and when talking to his Secret Service agents. Oh yeah, this is going to be fun.

So I now present to you, the "John Kerry Watch Page". Enjoy, and check back often.

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  • Feature Article--Kerry's Other War Record
    His antiwar activities deserve more scrutiny from the press.
    by John Fund
  • Feature Article--What You Don’t Know About John Kerry
    Here are facts and quotations that reveal the character of the new Democrat leader.
    by Chuck Noe

  • Kerry Says Election Should be Decided by Voters, Not Legal Process
    Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in a concession speech Wednesday urged unity among Americans, adding that he believes the outcome of elections "should be decided by voters, not a protracted legal process."
    By Melanie Hunter
  • Kerry Concedes with Grace and an Inclusive Message
    President Bush won four more years in the White House on Wednesday, pocketing a public concession from Democrat John Kerry that closed out a loud and long campaign fought over the war on terror and the economy.
  • Kerry Campaign Party Turns to Tears and Bitterness
    As President George Bush edged closer to the 270 electoral votes necessary to secure re-election, supporters of Democratic nominee John Kerry openly wept and consoled each other at the Election Night celebration in Boston's Copley Square.
    By Marc Morano
  • Kerry Supporter Compares Conservatives to Hitler
    A supporter of Democratic nominee John Kerry compared conservatives to Adolf Hitler in a series of interviews with the media at the Democratic Election Night party in Boston's Copley Square. Joe Pulliam of Bedford Mass., said "Thomas Jefferson - liberal, Abraham Lincoln - liberal, Jesus - liberal, Adolf Hitler - conservative. Hey where do you stand?" Pulliam told
    By Marc Morano
  • A question of character
    If you were to choose just one vignette to illustrate John Kerry's worst character flaw as a public official -- his lack of political courage -- what would it be?
    by Jeff Jacoby
  • Kerry and the terrorists
    Joseph Farah says Dem was a war hero ... for the Viet Cong.
  • Green indoctrination on Kerry's agenda?
    Candidate founded group to shift children's 'thinking, values, action'.
  • Johnny's missing explosives
    That New York Times-CBS News "scoop"about 380 missing tons of explosives in Iraq appears to be collapsing before our eyes, raising new credibility problems for both media giants and for John Kerry — who sought to exploit the bogus story in an effort to salvage his presidential campaign.
    Washington Times Op-Ed
  • "My Enemy's Enemy"
    One has to admit to some surprise -- perhaps incredulity would be a better word -- to recent statements by Senator Kerry such as, "Iraq is now what it was not before the war: a haven for terrorists." This, despite reams of captured documents which establish, for example, a well-traveled audit trail from Saddam's coffers to the late Abu Abbas.
    By Frederick J. Chiaventone
  • Swiftvet TV special to hit 13 markets
    Show hosted by John O'Neill airing in 8 battleground states.
  • John Kerry's patriotism ought to be questioned
    Joseph Farah states Dem is a traitor, says senator committed treason, hates America.
  • Star of 'Kerry's team' backs Bush on TV
    Curt Schilling surprises 'Good Morning America' with endorsement.
  • Kerry keeps up missing-explosives attacks
    For the fourth straight day, Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry accused President Bush of failing as commander in chief to secure explosives missing in Iraq, but implied that he doesn't know the facts, saying it's the administration's job to explain them.
    By Stephen Dinan
  • Kerry Worried About Offending Troops?
    The Kerry-Edwards campaign Wednesday released another last-minute TV ad - this one thanking America's soldiers and families for their sacrifice -- and stressing "John Kerry's commitment to always support our troops."
    By Susan Jones
  • The case for Kerry
    Joseph Farah reveals key people supporting Dem nominee's presidential bid.
  • Kerry's kinder, gentler war on terror
    Joseph Farah says Dem's ability to make tough decisions unsound.
  • Kerry's toast
    Joseph Farah confesses he was wrong about Democrat nominee.
  • Book: Kerry took no enemy fire for medal
    Received Purple Heart for 'scratch' despite initial rejection.
  • McCain: Hanoi Hilton Jailers Used Kerry Speech Against Us
    Sen. John McCain himself complained about Kerry-led anti-war protests when he was released from the infamous "Hanoi Hilton" 31 years ago.
  • Kerry's Viet comrades call him a liar in TV ad
    Blistering commercial features 13 vets questioning honesty, medals, character.
  • Democratic Offshoreman
    Attacked by tax pirates, John Kerry sought shelter on offshore islands before becoming a pirate himself.
    By George Neumayr
  • Lt. Kerry Runs for President
    Does the Democrat really have a shot at the military vote?
  • Is Kerry's Emphasis on Global Alliances Outdated?
    Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry is promising that if elected, he would "work aggressively to rebuild the relationships frayed and shredded by the Bush administration." But there is debate over whether the international alliances envisioned by Kerry would make a difference in Iraq.
    By Nathan Burchfiel
  • Kerry's wounds self-inflicted?
    More blockbuster charges leaked from new book by Vietnam comrades.
  • The Patriot Act
    Why John Kerry's acceptance speech could cost him the election.
  • Big bash gives no bounce to Kerry
    The Democratic presidential ticket did not profit from last week's Boston convention and even slipped behind President Bush among likely voters, a new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll of likely voters showed yesterday.
  • The Biggest Liar of Them All
    John Kerry's prime time assault on the truth.
    By David Horowitz
  • All Talk
    We didn’t get much from Kerry’s acceptance speech.
    by Rich Lowry
  • Bank scam con may rattle Kerry closet
    As John F. Kerry tries to bounce out of Boston and into a decisive fall campaign lead, a skeleton from the past will slink out of jail - possibly looking to score headlines and undercut the new nominee.
    By David R. Guarino
  • Zogby: Zero Bounce for Kerry
    A Zogby poll taken while the four-day Democratic convention was under way shows that the Kerry-Edwards ticket has failed to add even a single percentage point to its support.
  • Kerry flip-flop on war footage?
    Defensively said 2 years ago 'no intention' to use Vietnam film for campaign purposes.
    by Art Moore
  • Hell Is on the Way
    Weaker at home, weaker abroad -- welcome to Sister Kerry’s America.
    By George Neumayr
  • Soft on Terrorism
    Kerry wanted to sound tough yet couldn’t bring himself to use that very word.
    By David Hogberg
  • Jesse Jackson Says Kerry Would Boost Anti-War Movement
    Electing Sen. John Kerry would be a boon for the anti-war movement, Jesse Jackson told a crowd of left-wing activists Thursday on the final day of the "Take Back America" conference.
    By Robert B. Bluey
  • 'Hanoi John' Gets Unwelcome Reception From Veterans
    Hours after Sen. John Kerry sailed into this city with his Vietnam swift boat crewmates Wednesday, about a hundred other veterans gathered near the Democratic National Convention site to protest the anti-war positions of Kerry's past.
    By Robert B. Bluey
  • Joe Wilson Says Kerry Hasn't Asked Him to Resign
    Former ambassador Joe Wilson, an adviser to John Kerry's presidential campaign, said Wednesday he would continue to advise Kerry on foreign policy matters despite attempts in recent days by Republicans to "smear" his reputation.
    By Robert B. Bluey
  • The Kerry Conundrum
    Can he pass the commander-in-chief test?
    Wall Street Journal Op-Ed
  • Teresa: Anti-war Protesters Are 'The True Patriots'
    Teresa Heinz Kerry used her Democratic convention national debut to praise anti-war protesters as America's "true patriots," but couldn't find anything good to say about U.S. troops fighting the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Does Kerry as spaceman equal Dukakis in tank?
    Republicans spreading photos, Demos see NASA dirty tricks.
    Kerry campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill claims 'dirty tricks' by NASA after it released 'surprise' photographs showing the Dem presidential hopeful dressed in a space suit crawling through a rocket hatch.
    by Matt Drudge
  • Teresa's anti-Kennedy tirade
    Day after reporter altercation, old words haunt Mrs. Kerry.
    A historic bombshell interview has surfaced of Teresa Heinz Kerry ripping Ted Kennedy and the Democrat political machine!
    by Matt Drudge
  • Loose Cannon Discharges, But What Else Has Teresa Said?
    Let's go to the loose cannon, Teresa Heinz Kerry. She was speaking to Pennsylvania delegation at the convention. This is a portion of what she had to say--
    by Rush Limbaugh
  • Republicans Want Kerry to Show True Liberal Colors
    In the eyes of Republicans, the "extreme makeover" of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry begins Monday night at his party's nominating convention.
  • By Robert B. Bluey
  • Teresa calls for civility, tells reporter 'shove it'
    Uses term 'un-American' in speech, aggressively denies it minutes later.
  • Kerry chills Bush bashing
    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry is working to tamp down the amount of Bush bashing at his party's nominating convention, which kicks off here today.
    By Stephen Dinan
  • Kerry's curtain raiser
    The Democratic National Convention kicks off tomorrow in Boston, the heart of American political liberalism, to nominate two liberal soul mates — Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry for president and a younger, less-experienced running mate, Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina.
    By Donald Lambro
  • Socialists urge support of Kerry
    Largest group says defeat of Bush 'most important'.
  • Poll: 45% Say Kerry Should Quit Seat
    The Republican National Committee has released a poll it commissioned that says 45 percent of responders say candidate John Kerry should resign his Senate seat, according to an RNC spokeswoman, Christine Iverson.
  • Kerry Campaign: Michael Moore is 'An Extremist'
    Michael Moore may be the Democratic Party's favorite filmmaker, but the Kerry-Edwards campaign wants nothing to do with him during next week's Democratic Convention in Boston.
  • Senators link Kerry to Berger scandal
    2 Republicans say candidate should explain ex-aide's role.
  • Berger key figure in Chinagate
    Klayman: Kerry's choice as adviser shows can't be trusted.
  • Berger quits position in Kerry camp
    Former National Security Adviser Samuel R. Berger yesterday stepped down from his position as adviser to Sen. John Kerry, one day after he publicly admitted taking classified documents from the National Archives.
    By Bill Sammon and Stephen Dinan
  • GOP convention protests funded by Kerry's wife
    Anarchist 'Ruckus Society' trains for blockades, chaos, disruptions.
  • Newsweek Big: Media Bias Worth 15 Points for Kerry-Edwards
    The American press has dived so deeply into the tank for Sen. John Kerry's presidential bid that they don't even bother concealing their pro-Democrat bias anymore.
  • GOP calls Kerry adviser 'a liar'
    Republicans are calling a Kerry presidential adviser who insisted the president misled the country about Iraq's nuclear weapons program "a liar" after intelligence reports released the past week showed his contentions were false.
    By James G. Lakely
  • Kerry flaunts Bush snub to NAACP
    Sen. John Kerry began his speech before the NAACP's conventioneers yesterday by showcasing the most prominent black name among his campaign leadership: former Clinton Cabinet member Alexis Herman.
    By Steve Miller
  • Gun Group Takes Up Kerry Offer to Meet With 'All the People'
    In a speech to the NAACP on Thursday, Sen. John F. Kerry said he would truly be a "uniter," and would meet with anyone -- even those who disagree with him. Gun Owners of America said it is ready to take up John Kerry on his offer.
    By Susan Jones
  • Kerry Praises NAACP Chairman, Who Called Republicans Terrorists
    In a speech at the NAACP convention Thursday, Sen. John Kerry offered a glowing portrayal of the group's chairman, Julian Bond, who only one month ago compared Republicans to terrorists.
    By Robert B. Bluey
  • Kerry Jokes About Bush No-Show at NAACP Convention
    "I understand you've been having trouble getting some speakers," Sen. John F. Kerry joked with his liberal audience at the NAACP convention in Philadelphia on Thursday. "Some people may have better things to do. But there's no place that I'd rather be right now than right here in Philadelphia with the NAACP."
    By Susan Jones
  • Wilson Lied, Kids Died
    Another high-profile John Kerry supporter is outed as a nutcase.
    By Ann Coulter
  • Monica Crowley: What I Saw at the Kerry-Edwards Hatefest
    While the Kerry-Edwards campaign is guarding the videotape of Thursday night's Democratic Party hatefest with a level of security not seen since Teresa Heinz decided to hide her tax returns, details continue to leak out.
  • The Bon Jovi Advantage
    John Kerry makes time with '80s hair bands.
    by Matt Labash
  • Kerry heads off platform squabble
    Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's campaign headed off a showdown in the party platform yesterday over Iraq, convincing rival Dennis J. Kucinich's supporters not to demand withdrawal of U.S. troops or the establishment of a Department of Peace.
    By Stephen Dinan
  • “Ignoring Terror” Tandem
    Kerry’s VP announcement had at least one glaring omission: not one reference to al Qaeda, radical Islam, or even terrorism.
    By Joel Mowbray
  • Republicans question Kerry's 'heart and soul'
    Republicans yesterday demanded that Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry distance himself from an at-times obscene fund-raising concert Thursday, even as running mate John Edwards and he spent the day campaigning on being a better representation of American values than President Bush.
    By Stephen Dinan
  • One John, Two Johns . . .
    Edwards is an appealing messenger. His message could destroy Kerry.
  • Kerry and Edwards Tout 'Values'
    Just hours after demonstrating their idea of values by snickering at a disgusting fund-raiser staged by the Hollywood left, Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards hit the campaign trail today to sing another tune about "values."
  • White House: Kerry Should Apologize for Filthy Fund-Raiser
    The White House is reportedly demanding an apology from the Kerry-Edwards campaign after Thursday night's Manhattan fund-raiser - where comic Whoopi Goldberg targeted President Bush with a filth-laden monologue as the two top Democrats looked on and laughed.
  • Ditto, Ditto
    Kerryedwards is the most narcissistic ticket in 55 U.S. elections.
  • A Triumph of Images
    Kerry's introduction of Edwards is slightly weird, but effective.
    by Peggy Noonan
  • Voters will see Kerry & Edwards as a ticket that's out of balance
    Whatever John Edwards does for a Democratic ticket led by John Kerry, he does not bring it balance. Apart from harsh words exchanged during the primary campaign season, the party's future presidential and vice presidential nominees disagree on little (capital punishment and international trade are exceptions).
    by Robert Novak
  • Ticket touts its values, good hair
    The Democratic presidential ticket of John Kerry and John Edwards campaigned together for the first time yesterday, with Mr. Kerry saying their appeal boils down to their values, their vision — and their hair.
    By Stephen Dinan
  • Kerry disparaged Edwards' inexperience
    'When I came back from Vietnam ... I don’t know if [he] was out of diapers'.
  • Picky Kerry
    Edwards put in his place -- the inside story.
    By The Prowler
  • Edwards Stinks
    Two Americas, two Johns -- and put on a happy face.
    By David Hogberg
  • Kerry’s Conceptions
    He now says he knows when life begins -- and he’s happy to end it right then.
    By George Neumayr
  • Labor Leader Likes Edwards
    Labor unions like what they're hearing from the Kerry-Edwards ticket.
    By Susan Jones
  • Senator Sizzle
    Why did Kerry pick Edwards? Not for his experience and depth.
    Wall Street Journal Op-Ed
  • Bishop refuted Kerry's abortion stance
    Candidate says life begins at conception but won't impose beliefs.
  • Giving Kerry the Business
    Is he an economic moderate? Don't bet your 401(k) on it.
  • Kerry cited in Catholic heresy case
    A Catholic lawyer has filed heresy charges against Sen. John Kerry with the Archdiocese of Boston, accusing the Democratic presidential candidate of bringing "most serious scandal to the American public" by receiving Holy Communion as a pro-choice Catholic.
    By Julia Duin
  • Kerry and Disclosure
    His divorce records are his own business. His wife's tax returns aren't.
  • Warren G. Kerry
    Will the Democrat tempt Americans with promises of "normalcy"?
    by Peggy Noonan
  • Campaign Claims Ignorance of 'Crooks for Kerry'
    That Boston Herald, ya gotta love it. "Crooks for Kerry: Lefty group hires ex-cons to canvass" was how Sen. John Kerry's hometown newspaper today headlined his latest embarrassment.
  • Media Has Yet to Sue for Kerry's Military Records
    A recent lawsuit filed by the Associated Press seeks access to an unabridged copy of President Bush's microfilmed military personnel file from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission in Austin. But so far, the media have been slow to pursue John Kerry on the release of his full military record by using a standard form that would clear up questions about his record.
    by Dave Eberhart
  • The Wages of Politics
    How many low-wage workers does John Kerry want to throw out of work?
    Wall Street Journal Op-Ed
  • Raise the Minimum Wage, Kerry Says
    Sen. John F. Kerry, the Democrat who hopes to be president, will visit Alexandria, Va., Friday, where he plans to discuss "how we can open doors and expand opportunity by increasing the minimum wage."
    By Susan Jones
  • Kerry Plans Increase in Child Care Tax Credit, Expanding Afterschool Programs
    Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry Wednesday unveiled his plan to increase the child care tax credit and expand afterschool programs to help working families.
    By Melanie Hunter
  • Kerry picks up 1st newspaper endorsement
    Philadelphia Daily News says last 4 years have been wasted.
  • Where Hip-Hop Votes
    Will the hip-hop generation abandon Kerry?
    By Dan LeRoy
  • Lieutenant Governor: No-Show Kerry Should Quit Senate
    Sen. John Kerry is still on the American taxpayers' dole for a job he refuses to do, and his state's lieutenant governor says enough is enough.
  • Howard Stern: I'll Deliver Swing Votes for Kerry
    Shock jock Howard Stern says he will help John Kerry win crucial swing voters in November.
  • Heinz Kerry-Funded Web Site Praises Hezbollah
    A Web site partially funded by Teresa Heinz Kerry offers a report glorifying Hezbollah (Hizbullah) suicide bombers as "deified in paradise and venerated on earth for fighting Israel" - and praises the terrorist group's support network for women widowed by their husband's "martyrdom" attacks.
  • Kerry's Choice for Religious Outreach Director 'Confounding,' Group Says
    Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign has hired a new director of religion outreach, who is being described by a Catholic group as "a curious choice."
    By Melanie Hunter
  • More evidence communists honoring Kerry
    Vietnam war museum includes candidate among feted activists.
  • Simi Tough
    According to a John Kerry campaign staffer, the candidate, who made much of his visit to the Reagan Library in Simi, California, on Tuesday afternoon, had to ask aides what behavior they felt would look appropriate.
    By The Prowler
  • Kerry suspends campaign, but wife doesn't
    Teresa continues speaking to groups on behalf of husband.
  • Kerry quiet on jobs, economy
    John Kerry hasn't had as much to say about the economy in recent weeks, a sign that he may be downplaying his party's biggest domestic issue in a surge of new job creation and economic growth, administration officials said yesterday.
    By Donald Lambro
  • Anti-Kerry vets to sue candidate?
    Men in Vietnam photo Democrat uses in ad threaten legal action.
  • Kerry likened to 'Lurch' by ex-N.Y. Times editor
    Howell Raines says 'pompous' John has 'Addams Family' face, no clear message.
  • Kerry's Remarks on Korean Policy and Reunification Questioned
    Senator John F. Kerry has taken issue with the Bush administration's handling of the North Korean nuclear crisis, but a leading Korean affairs analyst Thursday questioned some of Kerry's positions, saying he appeared to be criticizing President Bush "for criticism's sake."
    By Patrick Goodenough
  • Kerry’s Plan: Ban U.S. Weapons to Stop WMD Threat
    On the same day the U.S. government announced that terrorist Jose Padilla sought to obtain nuclear materials and detonate a dirty nuclear weapon in the U.S., Sen. John Kerry said the key to U.S. security is to unilaterally stop building nuclear weapons.
  • Kerry honored at communist museum
    Photograph hangs in section devoted to war protesters.
  • 'Kerryopoly' pokes fun at John's wealth
    GOP features Web game highlighting candidate's homes, toys.
  • Base yet to unify behind Kerry
    Democrats say they are more unified than ever in their determination to beat President Bush, but there have been desertions in the party's ranks by antiwar activists who back independent candidate Ralph Nader and grumblings from blacks and Hispanics who say Sen. John Kerry has taken them for granted.
    By Donald Lambro
  • Poll Stunner: Veterans Deserting Kerry
    A CBS News poll released this week showing Sen. John Kerry leading President Bush actually contained some devastating news for the Kerry campaign.
  • Clinton to rescue Kerry campaign?
    Top advisers ask Bill to play starring role in final months of Democrat senator's bid.
  • Blix's Endorsement
    Another foreign leader for Kerry.
    Wall Street Journal Op-Ed
  • President Gigolo?
    Joseph Farah says Kerry's work experience limited to gold-digging.
  • Potemkin Convention
    Kerry's nomination gambit makes a mockery of campaign finance "reform."
    Wall Street Journal Op-Ed
  • The prospect of Kerry is scary
    Where does John Kerry stand on the war in Iraq today? Where did he stand yesterday? The week before? Where will he stand between now and November? What does he really believe about it?
    by David Limbaugh
  • Strip club owners mobilize for Kerry
    Registering voters to get rid of 'ultra-conservative' Bush.
  • Kerry eyes delaying acceptance
    Presidential candidate John Kerry is considering delaying the acceptance of his party's nomination until weeks after the Democratic National Convention in an effort to conserve campaign funds for the general election.
    By Charles Hurt
  • Paul Simon Helps Kerry Raise $1 Mill
    Singers Paul Simon and Edie Brickell hosted a $1 million fund-raiser with Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry Friday night, but when it came to music there were only the sounds of silence.
  • US newspapers go gaga over Kerry's breasts daughter
    Three months after the United States was scandalized by Janet Jackson's bared breast, US newspapers carried censured photos of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's daughter wearing a revealing dress in Cannes, France.
  • Veterans to Kerry: Stop using photo
    Ex-colleagues say adoption by campaign 'a total fraud'
  • 'Kerry lied while good men died'
    Vietnam Vets for Truth plan D.C. rally to combat candidate's claims.
  • Kerry used enemy to win battle at home
    Pact with communist Sandinistas 'trademark' of his statecraft.
  • Ownership society, anyone?
    John Kerry's hope of riding to the presidency by denouncing the "jobless recovery" are fading as the Bureau of Labor Statistics' employers' survey results come in.
    by Michael Barone
  • Sen. Miller: Kerry a National Security Threat
    In the most scathing attack yet against Sen. John Kerry delivered by one of his peers, Sen. Zell Miller warned yesterday that the likely Democratic presidential nominee would be a threat to U.S. national security if elected.
  • Kerry's patroness II
    John Kerry's presidential campaign finally began releasing information about his wife's taxes this week. What drips were made available have raised more questions than they have answered.
  • In Kerry's Defense
    He suggests a Pentagon chief for every point of view.
    Wall Street Journal Op-Ed
  • Senator John Kerry’s Role in the Events Leading to 9/11.
    Reviewing Senator John Kerry’s voting record over the past 20 years clearly demonstrates he has been just grievously wrong on many critical issues. The ‘90s lulled us into a devil-may-care decade where we thought our diplomacy was working and we could live together in peace...right up until 9/11.
    By Gabrielle Reilly
  • Vet: Officers told Kerry to leave Vietnam
    Colleagues couldn't take John's behavior, attitudes anymore.
  • After Berg's Beheading, Kerry Condemns American 'Arrogance'
    Even after Muslim terrorists in Iraq beheaded U.S. citizen Nick Berg, admitted war criminal John "Atrocities" Kerry denounced what he called American "arrogance."
  • Defense Secretary Carl Levin? Republicans Check His Record
    Sen. John F. Kerry told MSNBC's "Imus in the Morning" there are "any number of people" that he would name as Secretary of Defense -- and then he named some of them.
    By Susan Jones
  • The Utter Futility of Kerry Campaign
    Kerry misses an important vote, and then says he supports it. by Rush Limbaugh
  • Ted Reckoning
    Sen. Kennedy could turn out to be a political liability for John Kerry.
    by John Fund
  • Kerry's fiscal irresponsibilities
    Sen. John Kerry has begun a $25 million advertising campaign by portraying himself as a long-standing fiscal conservative whom Americans can trust as their next commander in chief.
    Washington Times Op-Ed
  • Kerry Sneers at Rumsfeld's Apology, Blames Bush for Abuses
    Sen. John Kerry today scoffed at Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's apology and blamed President Bush for the mistreatment of some prisoners in Iraq.
  • Kerry's Vietnam Quagmire
    He evidently has no other selling point.
    By David Hogberg
  • The Kerry Twins
    The only rational explanation.
    By Deroy Murdock
  • Kate’s Take
    Brothers Against Kerry
    By Kate O'Beirne
  • Kerry's problem with veterans
    Nineteen of the 23 officers who served with John Kerry and every one of his commanding officers in Vietnam have signed a letter that says he is not fit to be commander in chief.
    Washington Times Op-Ed
  • Kerry Says Republicans Organized Veterans' News Conference
    The chairman of the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign says his group had nothing to do with Monday's news conference in Washington, where Vietnam Veterans said Democrat John F. Kerry is unfit to be commander-in-chief.
    By Susan Jones
  • Did Kerry make up jet-pilot story?
    Seasoned flyers doubt yarn about taking controls over Israel.
  • Purple Heart wound treated with Band-Aid
    Doctor recalls hearing of Kerry's boast he'd be 'next JFK from Massachusetts'.
  • Kerry 'loose cannon,' says ex-commander
    Vets line up to describe former colleague as 'vain' opportunist unfit for presidency.
  • Bikegate
    Look, Teresa, no hands!
    By The Prowler
  • John Kerry, 'Benedict Arnold' Stockholder
    Although Sen. John Kerry has lashed out at what he calls "Benedict Arnold CEOs" for sending jobs to foreign countries, he is cashing in on these very companies.
  • Why Kerry Won't Release Wife's Tax Returns
    Even one of Sen. John Kerry's most vocal cheerleaders, the New York Times, wants him to release his wife's tax returns. So why risk escalating the controversy by refusing?
  • Unfit for Office
    I was on Mr. Kerry's boat in Vietnam. He doesn't deserve to be commander in chief.
  • A Gentleman’s VP
    Time to consider the appropriate running mate for John Kerry on the Democratic ticket. All political partisanship must be set aside. America is at war.
    by John L. Perry
  • Kerry aide: Cheney coaching president
    Senator's chief of staff claims VP 'assisted' Bush during 9-11 Commission questioning.
    by Paul Sperry
  • Kerry Campaign Accuses Bush of 'Backtracking'
    The Kerry Campaign has criticized President Bush for changing the name of his current two-week bus tour: "What happened to the 'Winning the War on Terror' Tour?" the Kerry Campaign asked in a press release issued Monday.
    By Susan Jones
  • Liberalism, Kerry's wartime handicap
    John Kerry's persistent problems on the campaign trail should come as no surprise. There were reasons he couldn't get traction even with his own party prior to Howard Dean's implosion, and those reasons remain.
    by David Limbaugh
  • Kerry and communion
    Readers of the Catholic Standard, official publication of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., raised their eyebrows two weeks ago. They learned of a 45-minute meeting April 15 of Sen. John Kerry with the Archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.
    by Robert Novak
  • The Kerry-Kofi Plan for America’s Future
    Democratic candidate plans to outsource our foreign policy.
    By Anne Bayefsky
  • The Trans-Atlantic Nostalgia of John Kerry
    John Kerry does have a foreign policy. . . .it's just for a world that no longer exits.
    By Thomas Patrick Carroll
  • What went down in Kansas City?
    Pat Buchanan questions what Kerry knows on planned assassinations of U.S. senators.
  • Gen. Giap Thanks Kerry & Co. for Anti-war Protests
    Celebrating the 29th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, the North Vietnamese general who led his forces to victory said Friday he was grateful to leaders of the U.S. anti-war movement, one of whom was presidential candidate John Kerry.
  • Teresa Heinz Abortion Shocker: I Planned to End Pregnancy
    In an interview set to hit newsstands next week, prospective first lady Teresa Heinz Kerry reveals that after she became pregnant at age 45 she decided to have an abortion.
  • Buyer's Remorse
    Dems start to worry that Kerry can't win.
    by John Fund
  • Kerry on Kerry
    In the midst of an international war on terrorists who have already claimed 3,000 lives on the home front, can America afford the potentially disastrous consequences of four years of on-the-job training for John Kerry?
    Washington Times Op-Ed
  • Voters don't see Kerry as likable
    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry has a serious likability problem, with many voters seeing him as cold, aloof and distant, according to focus groups, recent polls and election analysts.
    By Donald Lambro
  • Kerry 'Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief', Say Former Military Colleagues
    Hundreds of former commanders and military colleagues of presumptive Democratic nominee John Kerry are set to declare in a signed letter that he is "unfit to be commander-in-chief." They will do so at a press conference in Washington on Tuesday.
    By Marc Morano
  • The Kerry medals mystery - and why it matters
    If John Kerry hadn't already clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, his medals meltdown on "Good Morning America" this week would have sunk his campaign.
    by Jeff Jacoby
  • The Party Without a Soul
    Thinking out loud, but with compassion, about the greatest collective since socialized agriculture went out of business.
    By Brandon Crocker
  • Incompetence or sabotage?
    Mr. Kerry has proposed an economic plan that would return us to policies that gave us the last recession. Yet, because of uncorrected misinformation, these policies are viewed as superior to those that gave us the recovery.
    By Richard W. Rahn
  • "We May Yet Find Them"
    Watching John Kerry tackle the issue of weapons of mass destruction.
    by Hugh Hewitt
  • The 'presumptive' candidate . . .
    Mr. Kerry has enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination in Boston in July, but will the delegates stay with him if it appears by summer, or even sooner, that he can't beat President Bush?
    By Cal Thomas
  • flux
    John Francois Kerry's 2004 campaign for the presidency is taking on endearing aspects of Boy Clinton's 1992 campaign. Does that mean this Democratic contender will in the end defeat another President Bush? This I cannot say.
    By R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.
  • Teresa's tax returns
    Having rescued her husband's political career with a well-timed loan eight years ago, Mrs. Kerry, who files her tax returns separately from her husband, now refuses to release those documents, claiming a right to privacy.
    Washington Times Op-Ed
  • Kerry organization lacking in key states
    Sen. John Kerry has yet to establish campaign organizations in battleground states that likely will decide who wins the presidential race in November, Democratic strategists said yesterday.
    By Donald Lambro
  • Cold on Kerry
    Bad news for Democrats.
    By Robert Moran
  • “Personal Reasons of Necessity”
    The self-serving senator.
    By Rich Lowry
  • Deficit Doublespeak
    Kerry is a tax raiser and spender, make no mistake about it.
    By Cesar V. Conda
  • Depends What Is Is
    The politics of medals and other such things.
    By William F. Buckley Jr.
  • Kerry Campaigns With His Butler
    Beacon Hill blue blood John Kerry likes to portray himself as the presidential candidate of the common man. But there's one common man he finds indispensable on the campaign trail: his butler.
  • Kerry Flip-flops on Missing WMDs
    While the Washington press corps seems to have missed it, WABC Radio's Steve Malzberg has been playing a clip of Sen. John Kerry in his biggest flip-flop yet - showing the presumptive Democratic nominee suddenly admitting that Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction may soon turn up.
  • J.F.K.: Jiggy Fly Kerry
    Larry Elder tells pandering prez wannabe how to really be 'real'
  • Terrorists cheer Kerry's rhetoric
    Officials think al-Qaida will plan attacks in U.S. to force out Bush.
    By J. Michael Waller
  • Kerry's fatal flaw
    It would appear that John Kerry is running for president for the same reason that chickens cross to the other side of the street: just to get there.
    by Tony Blankley
  • Let’s Play Softball!
    Chris Matthews goes in the tank for Kerry and the DNC.
    By David Hogberg
  • Cardinal Not 'Comfortable' Denying Kerry Communion
    Good news for John Kerry and the rest of the "Deadly Dozen" U.S. senators: A U.S. bishop in charge of enforcing church doctrine isn't up to the task.
  • Senator Contradiction
    Kerry’s medal story is a mess.
    By Jonah Goldberg
  • Kerry Gets a Pass?
    The Democratic candidate for president keeps profiting from Enron and Halliburton.
    By Sam Dealey
  • What country is this?
    Joseph Farah on Kerry's wife funding website denigrating hero Pat Tillman.
  • Will Dems dump Kerry?
    Hugh Hewitt believes candidate could face Torricelli-style convention coup.
  • Kerry 'hits' Bush, queries Guard service
    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry has begun to question President Bush's National Guard service record personally in the past few days as he finds himself drawn deeper into charges and countercharges with the Bush campaign.
    By Stephen Dinan
  • A Clinton Quickie
    So much more to make up, so little time -- and it’s not to hurt Kerry one bit. Plus: Kerry’s Hoosier hero.
    By The Prowler
  • John Adam Smith Kerry
    Check out his investments, which would put Benedict Arnold to shame.
    By Patrick Hynes
  • Kerry and coal
    Last Oct. 20, Sen. John Kerry, in nonstop derision of President Bush, declared: "Where we see a beautiful mountaintop, George Bush sees a strip mine." That environmentalist rhetoric, backed by Kerry's Senate voting record, injects the senator into confrontation with the coal industry that could defeat him for president.
    by Robert Novak
  • Kerry hits back on medals, calls it 'phony controversy'
    Sen. John Kerry yesterday denied charges that he lied about throwing his war medals away on the steps of the U.S. Capitol during a 1971 antiwar rally.
    By Charles Hurt
  • John Kerry -- Jihadistan's great white hope...
    Amid all the 20/20 hindsight and politically motivated finger-pointing from a few shameless partisans on the 9/11 Commission (and you know who you are ... Richie, Bobby, Jamie), an exceedingly high-stakes contest is emerging. It's a contest about how the United States will classify and respond to terrorist threats in the future.
    by Mark Alexander
  • Kerry in Medals Meltdown, Slams Bush Nat'l Guard Record
    An angry-sounding John Kerry denied Monday morning that he ever claimed to have thrown away his three Purple Hearts and two medals for combat valor during an April 1971 anti-war demonstration, blaming Republicans for the new controversy and blasting President Bush's National Guard record.
  • Hybrid Kerry
    He had his chance. Now he’s running on fumes. And people aren’t running to him. Plus: Democrats to go hungry.
    By The Prowler
  • Sugar Mommy
    Why won't Teresa Heinz Kerry release her tax returns?
    by Matthew Continetti
  • Teresa Echoes Hillary, Says Bush is Empty-headed
    Five days after Sen. Hillary Clinton complained that George Bush wasn't "intellectually curious" enough to be president, would-be first lady Teresa Heinz Kerry is following her lead, accusing President Bush of being empty-headed.
  • Teresa Heinz Kerry: Abortion 'Stops Process of Life'
    In the current issue of Newsweek, Teresa Heinz Kerry tells Contributing Editor Melinda Henneberger: "I'm more old-fashioned than a lot of women...I don't view abortion as just a nothing. It is stopping the process of life."
  • Kerry a Cheapskate, Senate Waiter Says
    When it comes to his Senate dining room tipping habits, you'd hardly know Sen. John Kerry married his way into a half-billion-dollar fortune.
  • Pro-abortionists Back Kerry While Protesting His Religion's Fr. Michael Reilly notes that the day after John Kerry picked up the endorsement of abortion rights backers demonstrating in Washington this weekend, some of the same folks were protesting the top Democrat's religion.
  • Kerry, Pressed, Says Medals/Ribbons Were the Same Thing
    Did John F. Kerry throw away his Vietnam War medals or didn't he? In a newly surfaced 1971 interview with a Washington, D.C., television station, the young Kerry said he threw away "six, seven, eight, nine" medals. He said nothing about ribbons -- mentioning only "medals" in that 1971 interview.
    By Susan Jones
  • Kerry sees race for president as test of 'truth'
    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry said yesterday that "truth is on the line" in his campaign to unseat President Bush, as he proposed a "Contract with the Middle Class" to cut their taxes and restrain government spending.
    By Stephen Dinan
  • Kerry's U.N. fetish
    For the better part of 18 months, John Kerry has bitterly denounced the Bush administration's conduct of international relations, above all in Iraq.
    by Jeff Jacoby
  • Endless Filibuster
    Would John Kerry's stance on judicial confirmations in the Senate come back to haunt his presidency?
    by Terry Eastland
  • Kerry: Vulgar, profane and arrogant
    Kevin McCullough says recent polls indicate Americans don't like him.
  • Kerry interview butt of GOP jokes
    Sen. John Kerry's interview Sunday on "Meet the Press" has become a source of ridicule among some Republicans this week, especially the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate's insinuation he's received endorsements from foreign leaders when dining in New York.
    By Charles Hurt
  • Mrs. Kerry's secrecy
    Sen. John Kerry, having escaped intact a one-hour grilling by NBC's Tim Russert on "Meet the Press" Sunday, slipped in the closing minutes.
    by Robert Novak
  • International Man of Apology
    John Kerry tells Tim Russert just how much he values multilateralism.
    by Hugh Hewitt
  • John Kerry, in the Catholic Tradition
    He's no Mario Cuomo.
    by Joseph Bottum
  • Glorifying Guns?
    The Dems’ lip service is just empty rhetoric.
    By John R. Lott Jr.
  • Records on medals spark questions
    The military records that Sen. John Kerry posted on his Web site yesterday raise new questions about the actions he took to earn several prestigious war medals and whether he deserved them.
    By Charles Hurt
  • Kerry in 1971: 'Our Democracy is a Farce'
    John Kerry, the presumed Democratic nominee for president, was quoted by a student newspaper at West Virginia's Bethany College in 1971 as saying, "Our democracy is a farce; it is not the best in the world."
    By Marc Morano
  • On Kerry’s Honor
    The symbols of service should mean something.
    By Kate O'Beirne
  • Kerry's gassy allegations
    This week, Sen. John Kerry accused the administration of playing global politics with gas prices. Under scrutiny, that scandalous charge raises more questions about Mr. Kerry than President Bush.
    Washington Times Op-Ed
  • A question of patriotism
    According to the funhouse logic of the Kerry campaign, I have no choice but to question Kerry's patriotism.
    By Jonah Goldberg
  • Plotting the Kerry tax curve
    Is John Kerry suddenly a Ronald Reagan tax-cutter who wants to ease the strangling government burden on the middle class? Has this tiger really changed his 20-year stripes?
    By Stephen Moore
  • Kerry to release all his military records
    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry promised to post all of his military records online by today, although his campaign is withholding some relevant documentation.
    By Charles Hurt and James G. Lakely
    After months of Dems haggling over President Bush's military records, the GOP now moves to demand full-disclosure from John Kerry!
    by Matt Drudge
  • John Kerry Seizes Earth Day Theme to Hammer Bush
    The John Kerry for President Campaign says the senator will mark Earth Day with a "three-day series of events highlighting his plan for a clean environment."
    By Susan Jones
  • Kerry Can't Pronounce His Wife's Name
    President Bush gets plenty of guff for his inability to pronounce such simple words as "nuclear” (note to aides: it’s not "nook-yoo-lur”), but at least he can properly state his wife’s name. If only John Kerry could make the same claim.
  • Kerry Claims Bush Has Secret Gasoline Deal With Saudis
    Citing an appearance last night by pro-Democrat author Bob Woodward ("one of America's most respected and reputable reporters") on pro-Democrat CBS's pro-Democrat "60 Minutes," Kerry claimed that President Bush and Saudi Prince Bandar had a "secret White House deal" on manipulating gasoline prices "tied to the election."
  • Kerry Inflates Combat Action in 'Meet the Press' Account
    In his account to "Tour of Duty" author Douglas Brinkley, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry described his first encounter with enemy forces in Vietnam as an inconsequential skirmish that "hardly qualified as combat."
  • I Could Make a Living...
    Kerry spins the college crowd.
    By Neal McCluskey
  • Kerry: My Vietnam Med Records Already Public
    Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry claimed on Sunday that he's already released his medical and military records, including those that would prove he deserved three Purple Hearts in Vietnam - though reporters have been clamoring for weeks for Kerry to make the documents public.
  • Kerry would change war on terror
    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry said yesterday that he will treat the war on terror "primarily" as law-enforcement action even as he pledged to remain committed to Iraq and to personally plead for international help in policing and rebuilding that nation.
    By Stephen Dinan
  • 'Because They Are Hard'
    In Iraq, John Kerry wants to take the easy way out.
  • Superrich stand to profit from Kerry
    Swayed as much by prospects for power as by political ideology.
  • Testy Teresa Tirade: I Can't Believe I Came to America
    It didn't take long for the rigors of the campaign trail to sour first lady-in-waiting Teresa Heinz, who fumed yesterday that she "can't believe" she moved to America and married an American politician.
  • John Kerry's Catholic Problem
    Will the Catholic Church move to discipline the pro-choice senator?
    by Terry Eastland
  • How Did He Make That Money?
    Questions about the senator’s book and art deals.
    by Byron York
  • Kerry's missing war plan
    Iraq-war-basher John Kerry is coming under fire for refusing to say how he would have run the battle differently from President Bush.
    By Donald Lambro
  • Whites Only in Kerry's Inner Circle
    His wife Teresa Heinz used to call herself an "African American," but when it comes to hiring top staff for his presidential campaign, Sen. John Kerry apparently prefers white folks.
  • How Kerry’s Group Plotted Against Statue of Liberty
    In an era marked by militant demonstrations, it stands out as one of the most dramatic: the Christmastime takeover of the Statue of Liberty by angry Vietnam veterans.
  • Group Using Bake Sale, Fake Bush Ads to Aid Kerry
    One of the anti-Bush "527" groups - the legality of which is currently being decided by the FEC - is holding a "Bake Back the White House" sale across the U.S.
    Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, who has called for full-disclosure of rivals' tax returns, now faces growing pressure to release his wife's records.
    by Matt Drudge
  • Misery Loves Kerry
    Nonsense index.
    by Michael Graham
  • Kerry's misery
    John Kerry introduced his Middle-class Misery Index Monday. Based on seven economic statistics selected by his campaign, Mr. Kerry's Middle-class Misery Index moved in the wrong direction during the Bush presidency.
    Washington Times Op-Ed
  • Ad by Kerry fund-raiser threatens Rumsfeld
    'We should put this S.O.B. up against a wall … and pull the trigger'.
  • (Class) War Won’t Work
    John Kerry’s running a campaign that would win across the pond.
    By John Samples
  • A Coalition of One
    Attacks on weak allies in Iraq show the problem with Kerry's internationalism.
  • Kerry the slow
    Democrats like to bill Senator John Kerry as "the smart one", the man who knows the answers to the all questions but Bruce Walker is beginning wonder if Kerry is as ignorant as his former opponent Howard Dean proved to be.
  • Kerry's budget gap
    Recent poll numbers show that more Americans believe John Kerry has the solutions for the problems that plague the American economy. Trevor Bothwell believes, however, the senator's numbers just don't add up.
  • Kerry suggests linking service to college tuition
    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry yesterday renewed his call for a comprehensive commitment to national service by Americans of all ages, telling college students that "change starts with you" as he proposed tying aid for college tuition to national service.
  • Kerry told to seek mate with 'balance'
    Democratic leaders are advising Sen. John Kerry to take great care in picking his running mate and select someone who neutralizes his Northeast liberal reputation and doesn't eclipse him in the charm department.
    By Charles Hurt
  • In a parallel universe called 'what if.'
    President-elect John F. Kerry's rise to the nation's highest office came as little surprise following almost four years of remonstrations against President George W. Bush for his bizarre attack on the defenseless people of Afghanistan.
    by Kathleen Parker
  • John Kerry's Easter Show
    With many genuine Catholics calling for bishops to refuse holy communion to fake Catholic John Kerry and at least one bishop (in St. Louis) already doing so, there was a lot of speculation on whether the Massachusetts Democrat would dare try to show his face in a Catholic church on Easter.
  • Born again conservative?
    Last week, John Kerry spoke about the need for getting the deficit under control in a speech at Georgetown University. Although the talk had nothing in it that would motivate true fiscal conservatives to vote for him, it had just enough to alarm some liberals.
    by Bruce Bartlett
  • Kerry needs a new mantra
    David Limbaugh says prez wannabe hanging himself with his own words.
  • Crime, Politics and Kerry's Missing FBI Files
    The author who alleges that three boxes of FBI files dealing with Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's anti-war group were stolen from his home last month, did not allow police officers the opportunity to process the crime scene.
    By Marc Morano
  • Judicial 'Memogate' Extends to Kerry Campaign, Report Claims
    The campaign manager for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is being linked to the Senate Judiciary Committee's "Memogate" controversy, which involves alleged Democratic efforts to delay the confirmation of President Bush's judicial nominees.
    By Robert B. Bluey
  • Where Have all the F-ing Flowers Gone?
    Where are the people with the flowers? This guy's too good to be true!
    by Rush Limbaugh
  • Homosexual Advocacy Group Effusive in Its Praise for Kerry
    The National Stonewall Democrats have endorsed Sen. John F. Kerry for president, saying, "There has never been a presidential nominee who has held such a strong record of support for our community."
    By Susan Jones
  • The Felon Franchise
    Could felons put Kerry over the top?
    By John Samples
  • Staffer Moving Over to Kerry Campaign
    The campaign of Democrat John F. Kerry has hired a new director of online communications -- and the new guy comes from, the anti-Bush group that Republicans view as a shadow Kerry campaign.
    By Susan Jones
  • What Would Kerry Do As President? Senator Doesn't Always Answer
    For the second time in two days, Sen. John F. Kerry on Wednesday seemed unable to answer a question about what he would do if he were president.
    By Susan Jones
  • Kerry and the 2006 Chevette
    If John Kerry wins the presidency, most of us will be driving Chevettes -- or the modern-day equivalent, at any rate.
    By Eric Peters
  • Begging for Rebuke
    John Kerry’s dubious Catholicism.
    By Carson Holloway
  • John Kerry's catechism of convenience
    Hugh Hewitt wonders if American bishops will give him a pass.
  • Heinz denies Kerry connection
    H.J. Heinz Co. is seeing red — and not just in its ketchup bottles.
    By Marguerite Higgins
  • Kerry voters may suffer buyers' remorse
    After weeks of unusually positive press, Americans are getting a clearer picture of the presumptive Democratic nominee, John Forbes Kerry.
    by Paul Crespo
  • The Massachusetts butcher
    Senator John Kerry wants you to know that he participated in war crimes while serving in Vietnam.
    by Armstrong Williams
  • Manila Folder
    John Kerry's 1986 wimp-out in the Philippines.
    by P.J. O'Rourke
  • Politics cloud Kerry's Easter plans
    Easter is this coming Sunday and where Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic candidate for president, will attend church suddenly has become a political issue.
    By Julia Duin
  • B.G. Burkett: Navy Commanders to Cast Doubt on Kerry's War Record
    Several Navy officers who supervised Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry when he commanded a swift boat in Vietnam are preparing to publicly question his war record - including the circumstances under which he was awarded three Purple Hearts - a noted Vietnam War historian revealed on Sunday.
  • Kerry Island
    Jay Gatsby runs for president.
    by Jim Geraghty
  • Kerry's past
    There he was, the 27-year-old John Kerry, hair spilling down over his eyes, Kennedyesque a's (as in "cahn't imagine") rolling off his tongue, and lanky legs seeking room on the cramped talk show set. C-SPAN was rebroadcasting an episode of "The Dick Cavett Show" from 1971.
    by Mona Charen
  • John Kerry 2004 = John Kerry 1971
    Since Democrats will only tell us how much they loathe President Bush and what he's doing wrong in the War on Terror, never offering their solutions for us to critique, let me tell you a few things I fear about a Kerry presidency.
    by David Limbaugh
  • Eggs Benedict on His Face
    John Kerry’s words come back to bite him.
    by Rich Lowry
  • GOP Rails at Kerry's 'Unprecedented Criminal Enterprise'
    Republicans are usually too wimpy to speak up when Democrats commit massive vote fraud and other crimes, but not this time. The charges filed against Sen. John Kerry's campaign condemn his "unprecedented criminal enterprise."
  • Second tier problems
    I believe the Democrats are onto something. I believe they have devised a very clever plan to stop Sen. John Francois Kerry's decline in the polls.
    by Emmett Tyrrell
  • Kerry accused of violating campaign law
    President Bush's re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee yesterday accused Democratic challenger Sen. John Kerry's campaign formally of illegal coordination of political advertising with anti-Bush groups and donors, including billionaire George Soros.
    By Ralph Z. Hallow
  • Priests Should Refuse Communion to Kerry, Leading Catholic Says
    Sen. John Kerry's defiance of his Church's condemnation of abortion and approval of gay marriage is not only a problem for him and Catholic bishops, but for individual Catholics as well, according to a leading Catholic layman and editor.
    by Phil Brennan
  • Kerry personally vulnerable
    John Kerry's presidential candidacy has all the makings of a classic flop -- in the modern sidesplitting tradition of Thomas Dewey, Adlai Stevenson, George McGovern, Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis. This is not a prediction -- merely an assessment of some potentialities.
    by Tony Blankley
  • Sen. Kerry's likability gap
    Larry Elder exposes prez wannabe's insincerity, unfriendly ways.
  • Kerry's plan
    Last Friday, John Kerry unveiled his long-awaited economic plan -- one that he says will create 10 million new jobs in the United States. It's an extraordinarily unambitious plan, one that relies primarily on two tax gimmicks of dubious value.
    by Bruce Bartlett
  • Kerry Gasses
    If he had his way, our nation’s cars would run on biodegradable ketchup. It’s all in his record.
    By George Neumayr
  • Communists Infiltrated Kerry's Anti-War Group, Historian Says
    The 1970s anti-war group that included John Kerry was "heavily infiltrate[d]" by individuals dedicated to the teachings of Chinese communist leader Mao Tse-Tung and to the use of violence, if necessary to achieve their goals, according to a historian friendly to Kerry.
    By Marc Morano
  • Kerry Campaign Churns Out Statements While Senator Recuperates
    While Sen. John F. Kerry was having shoulder surgery on Wednesday, his campaign made sure his voice was heard, even though the senator wasn't actually speaking.
    By Susan Jones
  • Kerry Author: Stolen FBI Files Were 'Very Explosive'
    FBI files documenting Sen. John Kerry's anti-war activities that were reported stolen over the weekend could have damaged the likely Democratic nominee's presidential bid, the San Francisco author who obtained the records said Monday.
  • Kerry: 'I'm Fascinated by Rap and Hip-Hop'
    Likely Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry claimed Tuesday night that he's a big fan of rap and hip-hop music.
  • Toward the Center?
    Kerry proposes some tax cuts. It'll be harder for him to play against type on national security.
  • Cheney pegs Kerry taxes at $1.7 trillion
    Vice President Dick Cheney said yesterday that John Kerry's 73 new spending proposals would require the federal government to raise taxes by $1.7 trillion in the next 10 years.
    By Joseph Curl
  • Never Forget
    Kerry’s dangerous miscalculations.
    By Peter Kirsanow
  • Spender vs. Spender
    Government spending is Kerry’s answer.
    By Chris Edwards
  • Kerry's clever tax cut
    Sen. John Kerry moved to the right of Walter Mondale by proposing a small cut in the corporate tax rate, which he would lower to 33.25 percent from 35 percent. In political terms, it's a clever ploy.
    by Larry Kudlow
  • Kerry promises 10 million jobs
    Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry yesterday promised to create 10 million jobs in four years as he laid out an economic plan that cuts corporate taxes and taxes on middle-income families, but raises taxes on high-income wage earners.
    By Stephen Dinan
  • An Open Letter to John Kerry
    Mr. Kerry, have you ever considered what both America and Vietnam might look like today had men like you and Senator McGovern chosen a different path?
    By Larry Purdy
  • Questioning Kerry’s Loyalty
    John Kerry’s ideology and voting record seem to be in accord with France, a nation that opposes American interests at every turn.
    by Judson Cox
  • John Kerry's big joke: Annulling his marriage
    Joseph Farah says senator shouldn't have special dispensation, he should be ex-communicated.
  • Skiing as News
    Is John Kerry overexposed?
  • John Kerry and the Opportunism Gene
    Senator Kerry seems to be governed by an irresistible impulse to pander to every audience he faces.
    by Teri O'Brien
  • Kerryspeak
    For those few souls who needed further confirmation of John Kerry's propensity for flip-flopping on matters of life and death that confront a commander in chief, he provided an exquisite example the other day.
    Washington Times Op-Ed
  • Kerry Still Backpedaling on Presence at 1971 Anti-War Meetings
    Five days after reported that Democrat John Kerry had attended a 1971 anti-war meeting at which the possible assassination of U.S. senators was discussed, the presidential hopeful is still backpedaling on statements regarding his whereabouts during that meeting.
    By Marc Morano
  • For Kerry Campaign, No Word Left Unturned
    While Democrat John Kerry is on vacation, his staff appears to be in full damage control mode -- blasting a comment made by George W. Bush's campaign spokesman, Terry Holt.
    By Susan Jones
  • Kerry, Cuba -- and the truth
    It comes as no surprise to learn that John Kerry, who hates to take one position on an issue when he can take two or three, has come down strongly in favor -- and strongly against -- US policy in Cuba.
    by Jeff Jacoby
    Thank you, John Kerry, for helping make us Vietnam veterans war heroes now, but you also were the primary reason that the American public grabbed sturdy unbending brooms of judgment and swept us into the closet of silence and shame for so many years.
    by Don Bendell
  • Kerry still can't get his stories straight
    I wonder if John Kerry has perhaps launched his descent into caricature a couple of months too early.
    by Mark Steyn
  • Kerry Buys Jockstrap: Symbolism Over Substance
    Before Senator Kerry fell down on the slopes out there at Bald Mountain, he went on a personal shopping spree staged for reporters. He never does his own shopping. He sends interns or his butler out to do it. So when he went in to buy some books, taking his Secret Service detail with him, they knew something was up. He bought some highfalutin', elitist books with titles you can't understand that nobody would ever read.
    by Rush Limbaugh
  • John F. Who?
    Kerry's easy nomination victory may prove to be a curse.
  • Kerry Fails War on Terror Test
    John Kerry has "introduced" himself to the American people yet again, this time in a TV ad titled "Fought for America" unveiled today, promising "a new direction for America from a war-tested Democrat." Here's Senator Kerry, once again, feeling he has to point out his Vietnam service. Does "war-tested" not speak for itself? Apparently he doesn't think so. John Kerry apparently doesn't think he conveys war hero status simply by showing up.
    by Rush Limbaugh
  • Bush not interested in Kerry eruption
    Spokesman says senator's verbal attack on security agent internal matter.
    By Les Kinsolving
  • Kerry’s Tax-Return Shuffle
    Has he released his records, or not?
    by Byron York
  • John Kerry: the Democrats' bipolar punk
    Dena Ross argues that John Kerry is trying to be all things to all people. The problem is that no one is entirely sure what that means on any given day.
  • John Kerry's healthcare proposal: budget-buster
    When Kevin Gabriel looks at John Kerry's proposals for health care, all he sees are big dollar signs attached.
  • 'Internationalist' Kerry
    Bragging of foreign support doesn't win many votes in America.
    by John Fund
  • 'CIA knows' Kerry's foreign support
    If the White House wants to know which foreign leaders support presidential candidate John Kerry, it should check with the CIA, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy said yesterday.
    By Audrey Hudson
  • GOP sees pattern of fabrication by Kerry
    Republican campaigners, continuing to highlight Sen. John Kerry's statements that he had been endorsed by "foreign leaders," assert that this is part of a pattern of fabrications and exaggerations going back to his Massachusetts campaigns.
    By Stephen Dinan and Charles Hurt
  • Bush camp hits Kerry on spending
    President Bush's re-election campaign officials, encouraged by their success in putting Sen. John Kerry on the defensive in the past 10 days, yesterday opened a new round of coordinated attempts to define him as "a tax-and-spend liberal."
    By Bill Sammon
  • Kerry Skipped Prescription Drug Vote Then; Complains Now
    Sen. John Kerry has no right to scare senior citizens with "misinformation" about the Medicare Prescription Drug Law -- especially when he skipped the final vote on that bill, said House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.)
    By Susan Jones
  • Spain's Disaster and Kerry's Choice
    From the standpoint of a political campaign, the Popular Party of Spain made one of the gravest screwups in history, one that spells nothing but trouble for Spain, the United States and the security of the world.
    by Jay Bryant
  • Kerry: Those Who Question Me Are 'Crooked' Liars
    If you dare to challenge Sen. John Kerry, you're part of "the most crooked ... lying group" he has ever seen.
  • Kerry-McCain ticket shocking possibility
    Republican senator stuns many: 'Obviously, I would entertain it'
    By Joe Kovacs
  • Health care in John Kerry's world
    If John Kerry wins in November, writes Richard Ralston, Americans can count on even more government intrusion when it comes to the health care industry. A lot more.
  • Kerry unrepentant for pro-Hanoi activism
    Local paper described him as 'closest thing to a male Jane Fonda'.
    By J. Michael Waller
  • Is NBC helping Kerry hide his past?
    Hugh Hewitt asks network to release 1971 interview with Democrat.
  • Kerry’s Soviet Rhetoric
    The Vietnam-era antiwar movement got its spin from the Kremlin.
    By Ion Mihai Pacepa
  • Rep. DeLay: Of Course Rogue Regimes Support Kerry
    Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., says foreign leaders support his campaign against President Bush, but that ought to concern American voters, a prominent Republican indicates.
    by Susan Jones
  • A Real Choice
    John Kerry and George W. Bush offer voters two very distinct economic futures for America.
    by Irwin M. Stelzer
  • Lawyers at War?
    Where we were is where Kerry would take us.
    by Jed Babbin
  • Kerry opposed key weapons
    Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry has opposed some of the most effective — and publicly popular — military weapons in the U.S. arsenal during the past 15 years.
    By Charles Hurt

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